What is tryit.tv?

Since March 11th 2020, apart from managing day to day tasks, I have been helping create and be there for a volunteer support group to help the local and surrounding community where I live.

I have experienced people express many levels of uncertainty during the COVID-19 situation, and a part of me feels life will not be the same after COVID-19.

I would like you, your loved ones and your business (whether you own a business or are employed by one) to be able to create better life situations through and beyond any uncertainties you have from the COVID-19 situation.

I would obviously like the same for myself, my loved ones and my business. 

I have spent over 12 years researching other people’s experiences of overcoming their own challenges in life, and practising exercises from the lessons they have learned to improve aspects of my experiences in life.

I strongly believe that by learning from the experiences of others who have worked through similar undesirable situations as ourselves, we can work through and beyond our own undesirable situations.

My name is Bharat Karavadra

Which life situations do you want to improve?

I currently feel we require practical experiential solutions (over and beyond academic information) to overcome challenges in these areas of life:

  • Creating better health and fitness of our bodies.
  • Managing unwanted thoughts and emotions such as those from uncertainty, anxiety and stress.
  • Developing products and services to create value, improve our financial lives, and the general economy.

Become involved.

I am inviting others to share their experiences to help create information and exercises to help others, your self and me experience better life situations through and beyond COVID-19.

For now, I am creating a mini-course to help people move through uncertainty which I hope to develop organically on this website.

I will also do my best to work with you and others to help develop information, exercises and experiences for specific life situations.

Ask, comment, share your thoughts.

The above may seem a little raw and you probably have questions. So please use the form below to post a public question, comment or thought and I will reply as soon as I can.

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