INFORMATION: Questioning the science of virology theory and practice

The following information summarises two documents written by Stefan Lanka, a virologist, which question the science of virology theory and it's practice. The documents are attached below the summary.

Stefan explains current methods growing viruses in labs show cells actually dying from lack of nutrients and toxins, not viruses infecting them.

He states viruses have never been purified using standard scientific techniques, and that Images claimed to be viruses are really just particles from dying tissues and cells.

Stefan discusses how virus genetic codes are theoretically pieced together from short genetic bits of cell samples on computers. But he says these invented codes have not been shown to exist as real, intact virus genes in nature.

He describes the history of virology, including the debunking of the germ theory in the 1950s.

In science, control experiments using non-infected samples are done to ensure results aren't caused by something else. Stefan states proper control experiments have not been done to prove viruses exist.

He critiques work on measles virus as scientifically flawed and unproven. He summarizes a court case he was involved in which was won arguing the science did not conclusively prove measles virus exists.

Stefan questions how a COVID test was developed before the new virus was properly isolated and its gene code described. He states no experiments were done to confirm that the test only detects virus genes, not normal human genes.

He argues tests finding short genetic bits cannot prove an intact virus is present, and calls for experiments on non-infected samples to disprove viruses.

Overall, Stefan concludes fear of viruses like COVID stems from normal cell particles and genes being misunderstood as viruses, not real infectious agents.

He states the experiments needed to scientifically prove disease-causing viruses exist have not been done.

Stefan sees viral illnesses as misunderstandings, and demands more rigorous science to address these problems with virus theory.

He concludes viruses have not been scientifically proven to exist and cause disease.

Document 1: The Virus Misconception, Part 1

Document 2: The Virus Misconception, Part 2


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