INFORMATION: The foundation of our reality

When we experience life situations, we can ask questions such as:

Why or how is this happening to me?

We can ask this question both about situations we describe as desirable and also especially those we describe as undesirable.

To answer this question, let's look at what we know about our reality from a scientific perspective.

There is you, me, everyone and everything else in the universe.

You, me, everyone, and perhaps other beings such as animals, experience thoughts, emotions and body sensations.

We and every 'thing' are the same 'things'

This is what science has discovered:

You, me, everyone and everything else in the universe are made of atoms.

Atoms are very small, and not visible to the naked without using an electron microscope.

To understand how small atoms are, imagine a grain of salt.

In that grain of salt there are about 30 trillion (30 million million) atoms.

Atoms are spherical in shape like a ball, and they have smaller 'things' called electrons which rotate where the surface of the ball would be.

An atom also has a tiny 'thing' called a nucleus at the centre of it.

The nucleus is made of smaller 'things' called protons and neutrons.

Everything is 'no thing'

When scientists look inside the atom, and at its smaller electrons, protons and neutrons, they actually see nothing.

There is literally nothing physical there.

An atom is made up of no physical thing, even though atoms make up our physical reality.

Scientists call this 'no thing', the zero point field.

Everyone and all things are connected.

Scientists also discovered that the zero point field is in everything.

It is in you, me, everyone, and everything in the universe, and it is the same zero point field that is within us and things.

In a way, the zero point field is the container of the universe.

This means that the zero point field in you is a part of the same zero point field that is in me, in everyone, and in everything in the universe.

The zero point field effectively connects and contains you, me, everyone and everything in the universe.


How your life situations are created.

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