Moving through and beyond uncertainty

Introduction, Objective, Case Studies, Free Exercise, and How to Go Deeper.


This mini-course is a form of meditation which uses scientific results as its foundation and by using it, you can create a level of transformation and healing in your life situations. 

I have personally researched, refined and used the information and exercises myself for over 12 years both with my personal life situations, and those of a small number of clients.
– Bharat Karavadra (Creator)


To feel better over an undesirable situation that you are experiencing in life and to experience a shift in that situation. The shift will vary depending on your personal life situation, in that over and beyond feeling better, you may or may not experience a shift for the better in the world outside your feelings.

Case studies:

Results with practising with the free introductory information and exercises:

Understanding of the fundamental nature of reality, to feeling better.

By reading the free information you will learn about the fundamental aspects of our physical reality. By that we call the universe.

By using the exercises you should be able to increase your level of awareness and feeling of what you really are. This creates a state of feeling different within your self, and often feeling better about a specific undesirable situation. A client who used the exercises said they ‘get to a place’ (internally within themselves) of overwhelming love when they use the exercise (this is their experience of feeling better and your experience may vary).

Results with paid customised personal support:

Gone: 30+ years of migraines and taking medication for them.

After having tried the free information and exercises, I had two half-day one to one meetings with the same client as above. At the meeting, I explained the information and exercises personally to the client. The client asked their own questions which I answered. I then gave the client a further exercise to use to go deeper into dissolving their chosen undesirable situation. They had experienced migraines for more than 30 years and had taken medication for the pain of migraines for the duration of the 30+ years. After about 3 months of using the exercises I gave to them, and with some remote healing support by myself from my home, the client has not had a migraine and is free of her medication. The client says that they can now ‘better enjoy many aspects of life’ and ‘being pain free brought elation and appreciation of the simple things in life’. The client also used the exercises on a work relationship issue. The client said ‘The meditation was so successful with my health, that I applied the meditation to an issue with a work relationship I had been experiencing for some time. Using the meditation created a shift that allowed me to step in and resolve the issue which I was previously unable to do.’

CAN I GO DEEPER? Yes, with offers ranging from a low cost deeper information and exercise to premium one to one personal support tailored for your personal situation in life.

I am developing a personal transformation and healing course which may be the first mini-course to try, and I hope you can help improve it by actually trying it and sending your feedback.

The mini-course will also have exercises, for you to do to experience a shift in your experience of life to especially help dissolve undesirable situations.

Start with free introduction and exercises.

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How To Go Deeper.

The free information and exercise above can be continued with a personalised course which will be created for you depending on your specific requirements.

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